Peekabond is ...

Video Messages

An interactive video messaging app that helps you stay connected with your global family.

Good For Kids

Positive and healthy screen time for young children.


A safe family app for you to share and store personal moments. All your pre-recorded videos are safely stored within the app.

When You Want

Pre-recorded video messaging, allowing you to watch whenever and however you want.


High-quality, science-based play activities that you can do with the young children in your family.

For the Whole Family

Peekabond is for every family that yearns to feel close and share loving, memorable moments. Peekabond is a lifesaver for families separated due to:




Separation / Divorce


Family around the world?

You live in one country and the little one you are trying to connect with lives in another. Or your loved ones live far away. You might be like Anne (31): “My mother decided to retire and move to Spain. She is not able to visit my daughters and travelling back and forth is very difficult these days, due to Covid-19.”

Or like Lisanne (33): I live in Australia with a family in Europe. It’s almost impossible to find the right time to schedule calls.”

Often on the move for work?

Are you often away for long periods of time for work engagements, such as high performance professionals or military & offshore families? Maybe you’re like Kolijn (32): “As a marine engineer I’m used to being offshore for months on end. It’s crazy how fast kids grow these days!” 

Or like investment banker Saasha (41): “I find myself missing at least one important family ritual per day. Breakfast, dinner, and bedtimes can be difficult!”

Traveling family members

Perhaps you’re a digital nomad wanting to connect with a little loved one, like Liza (37): “There are a lot of perks (like warm weather) of being a digital nomad but the flipside is that you have to miss your loved ones at a distance.”

Your family is separated?

Maybe you are like Scott: “As a divorced parent, I rely on my ex-partner to schedule time for me to connect with our children. This can be especially difficult to coordinate when my schedule requires travel all over the world. Peekabond has become an asset to our new family structure.”

Separated by COVID restrictions?

Perhaps you and your family are living on the other side of town, but still can’t be together due to COVID restrictions. Or you can’t visit your loved ones because of travel restrictions.

Share the little BIG moments

What's in the app?


It is challenging to manage the moments of contact between my daughter and her father. With Peekabond, they can be in touch easily. 

Lizet (32) photo

Lizet (32)

Mother, Netherlands

 I always dreamed of making a big trip around the world but couldn’t bear the thought of missing my little nieces and nephews. This is a great and convenient solution for anyone travelling.

Amy (32) photo

Amy (32)

Aunt, Netherlands

Founder Story

I am Anieke Lamers, the founder of Peekabond. 

Living in Europe and being a proud aunt of my  2-year-old niece in Australia, whom I’m completely in love with, I know the pain of not being close to loved ones. This is why I founded Peekabond. So that families could feel connected, even when they are not close by.

We are building a movement where we connect families across borders and over generations. Thank you for being a part of that journey!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peekabond?

Peekabond is a digital playground for children to bond with family and loved ones remotely. Through asynchronous content inspiration, we fully focus on remote bonding with kids. What’s new? We help people build these connections by inspiring them with smart content suggestions, taking child development science into account.

What is Peekabond NOT?

  • Peekabond isn't just one-way communication, where parents share children's drawings and pictures with family members and get nothing in return. It's a two-way street, where everybody participates.
  • It's not a complicated app that grandparents cannot use. It's designed to be simple and fun for all ages.
  • Peekabond doesn't offer "lazy screentime", focused solely on entertainment. All activities are engaging and stimulating, offering healthy and positive screentime.
  • It's not random, low-quality content you would find on YouTube, but high quality content created and endorsed by child development specialists.

How is Peekabond different from video calling through Whatsapp and Facetime?

Unlike regular video messaging apps, Peekabond provides content suggestions for family members. The content gives structure to the conversation and helps to build a shared interest and rituals.

Peekabond also facilitates direct contact between young children and loved ones. Children are not able to use other messaging platforms like Whatsapp  and the media files become lost as they are kept within different messaging groups. With Peekabond, all the content for your child is saved in one spot. Also, Peekabond facilitates direct contact between kids and loved ones. Children feel special because the messages are especially for them.

Contact between young children and adult family members can be facilitated through other platforms, but generally, only by exchanging media files from the children. Peekabond facilitates  two way communication and helps children to recognize their family at a distance & ultimately helps create bonds.

Last but not least, Peekabond has a child friendly and ethical UX (no advertising). Peekabond will not make money on user data. The user remains the owner of their data.

What is asynchronous video messaging?

Asynchronous video messaging means you don’t have to be online at the same time as your loved ones. No planning is required and videos can be watched when it suits you. Through asynchronous video messaging, Peekabond enables a more frequent connection – just one peek per day can make a difference in building a bond. 

Peekabond focuses on asynchronous videos for several reasons: 

  1. Children don’t always have the attention span to video call.
  2. Planning live calls with young kids can be challenging (especially when you are in different time zones).
  3. Often, people don’t know what kids like and don’t know what to talk about during a live conversation. There is no common interest and the conversation lacks structure. Peekabond  helps to “spark up” the live video call conversation. 


Is Peekabond safe?

Yes. With Peekabond we offer a secure and private environment where you can share moments without ads, profiles or personal data being sold. Our core values regarding privacy are:

  1. Your data is your data. We do everything we can to keep your data private and safe. 
  2. The product is the product. Our focus is on building the best product possible, and selling your information or that of your loved ones is not consistent with that goal. 

🔒Please know that we take the security of your information very seriously, and work hard to keep it safe.

What type of device do I need to use Peekabond?

Peekabond is available on the Apple and Play stores for mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. It is not yet available in other stores (like Huawei).

Is Peekabond available globally?

Yes, we have active users all over the world. Please let us know if you have trouble accessing it from anywhere in the world.

Who can use my Peekabond account?

Peekabond accounts are personal, only you can use your own Peekabond account.

Do I have to be an expert in creating (selfie) videos to use Peekabond?

Not at all! It might be completely new for you to create a video of yourself, but that is completely fine.You don’t need to be an expert - you just need to be you! In fact, the only difference between a live video call and a selfie video is that you don’t have to be online at the same time. The most important thing is to be yourself and speak to your child as if you were physically present, so don’t think about it too much.

How long should the videos be?

We recommend a maximum of 2 minutes per video in the app. Our user test with children showed that their attention span is limited and screen time should be no longer than 15 minutes per day for young children.

Can I add other family members to my account?

Yes, you can. Peekabond is designed with families at the center through our family circle feature. A family circle is a special family group created to facilitate videos about a young child between family members. The owner of the family circle can provide an access code for family members to join. If there are multiple children, you can choose to create separate circles for each child or create a joined circle. There is currently no limit to the number of people you can invite to your family circle.

Do I get to keep the videos I create for my family?

Yes, you do! Peekabond has an area called the Love Bank. The Love bank is where all the videos are stored from family members within a family circle. The media in this archive is organised from most recent to - first post. Family members and loved ones can comment on media files in the love bank. Every Peekabond activity results in a video that captures the special time you experienced with your loved one.

Share the little BIG moments