Our Team

Peekabond is made by a team of impact-driven parents, aunties and uncles.

Vincent van den Noort

Co Founder & CPTO

Anieke Lamers

Co Founder & CEO

Alyea Sandovar, PhD

Chief Play Scientist

Kendra Mijatov

Virtual Assistant

Stanya Petkova

User Research & Design

Monaasha Adan

Growth Marketing

Mohamed Alkaduhimi

Lead Developer

Founder Story

I am Anieke Lamers, the founder of Peekabond. 

Living in Europe and being a proud aunt of my  2-year-old niece in Australia, whom I’m completely in love with, I know the pain of not being close to loved ones. This is why I founded Peekabond. So that families could feel connected, even when they are not close by.

We are building a movement where we connect families across borders and over generations. Thank you for being a part of that journey!


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